Dubai Visa Requirements For Bangladeshi

TK9,500 TK9,000


Product Description

Visa Processing Fee BDT 9000/-

Basic Documents:

  1. Seven (07) Months Valid Passport with Old Passport if have.
  2. Visiting Card in English.
  3. Recent 2 copy photograph taken in last 3 months (white background only, photo size 43 mm X 55 mm, glossy paper).
  4. Clean Shave.
  5. G.O (Government Order) for Official Passport only.

For Student:

  1. Student ID card Photo Copy.
  2. Birth Certificate (Only for Child & infant).


  1. Marriage Certificate Copy (For family application only).
  2. Nikahnama in Bangla if name not mentioned in passport/newly married.


  • Visa Processing Fee Non-refundable.
  • Visa rate can be changed without prior notice.
  • Visa issuance rights reserved by the Embassy.

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